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What You’ll learn in the Genxovite Webinar Series

One of the missions of Genxovite is to bring together practitioners and industry leads in the field of Regenerative Medicine to share the latest techniques, news, and products impacting the field of Regenerative Medicine. 

  • What's the FDA's stance on Regenerative Medicine? Listen to our webinar with Sean Berman who details a LANDMARK case in California that opens the door wide open for doctors to use personal cells in treatment.  
  • What's the best way to grow your practice? Create better outcomes for your patients. Be sure to listen to the webinar with our founder, Sunny Kim, MD, where he goes through a detailed case study of a patient with wrist OA that he helped with Regenerative Medicine. 

"Genxovite is THE PLACE where Regenerative Medicine Industry Experts come together to share the latest techniques, procedures, and tools so they are can elevate the profession by helping practitioners create better treatment outcomes for their patients."

Sunny Kim, M.D.

Founder of Genxovite

Webinar Series


Genxovite hosts monthly webinars with industry experts to discuss the latest news, techniques, and regulations in the field of Regenerative Medicine.

In this enlightening and informative webinar, Dr. Sunny Kim will share their groundbreaking case study on the use of amniotic and umbilical cord (AMUC) tissue injections as a non-surgical treatment for wrist osteoarthritis (OA).

The FDA brought the lawsuit against the Cell Surgical Networks in 2018 in an attempt to assert regulatory authority over stem cell therapies. The agency argued that a physician's use of his patient's own stem cells as part of the medical treatment provided to the patient was equivalent to manufacturing a biological drug product and therefore subject to regulation by the FDA. The court rejected this argument last week, ruling that the surgical procedure does not create a new prescription drug. The court wrote: "The adipose tissue Defendants remove from patients clearly consists of human cells. And whatever is injected back into patients as part of Defendants' SVF Surgical Procedure and Expanded MSC Surgical Procedure certainly contains such cells." Introducing Our Guest Speaker, Sean Berman, The Most Qualified Person In The World To Discuss And Explain The Courts Latest Ruling